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d close ■to the right collar bone, ranged■ down along the spine, injuri●ng it severely, and hid itself ■somewhere in the body. The second ball cut off ●the finger next to the little finger of th●e left hand, tearing it from

ul endu●rance remained unimpaired to the end. Hi●s mind, always clear in danger, seem■ed to recognize that his last battle ha

d been■ fought and his last encounter finis●hed. He talked v

ery little. Terr●ill came to him and asked if there was any good ■service he might do that would be accepta■ble. “Yes,”

said Quantrell quietly, “have● Clark Hockingsmith buried like a so

ldier■.” After he had been carried to ■the house of Wakefield and dep●osited upon a pallet, he spoke onc■e more to Terre

ll: “While I live let■ me stay here. It is useless to haul a?/p>

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